Swarmy bees?

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by ccjersey, May 13, 2018.

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    Captured a small feral colony late last summer by cutting down their open air combs and rubber banding them into 2 frames. They stayed and made it through the winter in a single 10 frame deep.

    I guess it is my fault but when I was watching the activity in and out of the entrance this spring I didn't think they had built up much. I inspected the first time 2 weeks ago and found "wall to wall" drone brood and capped queen cells. I decided that since they were so far along and apparently determined to swarm i would help them out! I split them 3 ways, leaving more hive bees behind (and the field bees) in the original location and moving the splits about 5 miles. The splits are actually 5 frames each in a 10 frame deep with a divider and entrances on opposite corners, but I put in 2 frames of brood and stores along with drawn comb in each side. Hope they can get going before the beetles overrun them! Plan is to inspect next week which will be 21 days since splitting and with capped queen cells, 21 days should allow for the new queen emerge, mate and begin laying.

    My question is.....have I perpetuated the tendency to swarm in these colonies?
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    No, I don't think you have perpetuated, just managed. Some bees are perpetual swarm makers I think. Assuming you have plenty of blooming stuff near both locations?