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Tampa bees orienting to back of hive? Cane toad sentry?

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I was reading about bees trying to get into the hive through the mesh screened bottom board, or bees hanging out under the mesh of the hive looking like they were trying to get in. I noticed this when I saw my bees were circling/buzzing/milling around the back of the hive rather than the entrance. Very weird. It looked like orientation flight at about 5pm, but at the back of the hive?

There is a cane toad who alternately camps out near the entrance to the hive on the concrete blocks that hold them up, or is under the hive like he was yesterday. Could it be the presence/danger of the cane toad is making them try to find another way in?
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I dont think we have cane toads in florida

Unfortunately, its one more invasive species Florida has to deal with.
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