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Teenagers start a honey operation

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This a great story, just goes to show what a little can-do attitude can do:
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My goodness, be golly, gosh dang...If I could get 5000 lbs. of honey off 8 hives each year, I could make some money, too. :D

I think there was a typo in that report.......

Still like to know kids with ambition are getting into beekeeping.
Very good article. Keep'em coming.
There's a typo somewhere. 5000 lb. at $3.00 per lb. doesn't equal $5000.00

They rejected the Three Abeegos and the Three Buzzketeers. Instead, the 5,000 pounds of honey they sold in their first season came with professional-looking, trademarked Austin Family Honey labels.

At $3 a pound, their prices are a little higher than their competitors'.

They sold $5,000 of honey in their first year, but their startup costs were that much.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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