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Knoxville, TN

I live in the Concord/Farragut area.
Knox, Loudon, Blount, Anderson counties
If further out call anyway

Swarms removed for free.
Colony removal for a fee (depends on amount of work).
Bee tree removal for a fee (depends on amount of work).

Please don't spray with bug killer or poison!

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Far east Tennesee

Will remove swarms for free in the Unicoi County area & the immediate surrounding counties. No cost if the bees are out in the open, however if the bees are inside a structure, we can discuss the options. Also, occasional honey for sale, depending on the harvest.

Robert Lewis
Erwin, Tn.

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If you have already sprayed the bee swarm or beehive with bug, wasp, or hornet spray, don't call me. Will not waste my time to come and pick up dead and dying bees.

I love what I do and I am good at it. I have 4 years experience and have pretty much seen it all when it comes to removing bees from structures, downed trees, or cutting down trees and removing the bees. I take pride in doing my best to save as many of the bees in each job. If needed, I come back at no charge if there is a problem that was due to me not completing the removal properly.

I removed a large swarm that was about 30' up in a tree. I had to cut down almost all of the top branches in the tree to remove the swarm. Jobs like these are dangerous but I don't give up and I do my best to remove swarms with minimal damage and I clean up any limbs that have been cut as a result or removing a swarm.

I am willing to go up to 50 miles from Murfreesboro. I have completed jobs in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Smithville, Whitehouse, Auburntown, Springhill, Franklin, Liepers Fork and others.

Swarms are normally free unless the distance is great, time of day, weekend, holiday, needing immediate response, or the swarm is hard to reach. Gas money is appreciated.

I do bee removals from homes/apartments/duplexes/garages/roofs. Bee removals are not free as they are not easy, locations can be dangerous (to my health), work is hot and getting stung while honey is stuck to me is not fun. I also do my best to clean up after cutouts. Where possible I will do repairs to ensure bees can no longer get back into the structure.

I do bee removals from trees and buildings using the trapout method. While these are normally not dangerous they are time consuming and my time is valuable to me and other customers. These can take up to 2 or 3 months sometimes, can be a pain to find all of the bees ways to get back into the hive, and a lot of time spent traveling to/from the trapout site.

Ken Kizer
C: 615.542.6314
H: 615.907.1377

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Jim Rodgers
Blaine, TN
502-216-1356 or 865-465-9066

I live in western Grainger County.
Grainger, Knox, Union, Claiborne, Hamblen, Jefferson counties

Swarms removals free within 50 miles.
Removal from structures for a fee.

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Greg Tomerlin
Lebanon, TN

I live in Wilson County, and will remove swarms for free in Wilson and Rutherford counties. Removal from structures for a fee, and you repair. If I don't answer, please leave a message and I will return your call ASAP.

Member of Wilson County Beekeepers Association and Tennessee Beekeepers Association.

Thanks, Greg

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James Blakeney
Clinton, TN

Swarm Removal, Colony Removal, and Bee Trees

Servicing Anderson and surrounding counties.

Bees will be removed and transferred to my apiary. Please don't spray with any chemicals.
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