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Thank you Veterans

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I just wanted to take a min. to thank all of you out there who have served our country.I especially want to thank the families who have given the ultimate sacrifice of the life of a loved one in the service of our country. As I have heard it said before,Freedom is not free !!Again,my humble THANK YOU.Let us remember,on this Memorial Day,all who gave their lives so that we may live free. You and your loved ones are in our prayers.

Jim <><
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Thanks for the thoughts. 5 1/2 years Army here. How about you other vets. Tell us about it.
6 years Navy here, 3 years active, 3 years active reserves. Spent my active time in Alameda CA on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. That was back in the gulf war day's with George W the first, I maintained and operated the sparrow III missile and CIWS gun systems and spent many a day tracking Iranian P3's that were coming a little too close to the battle group while we scrambled the f14's.

Thank you for the thoughts ;)
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