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The easiest swarm ever....

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I got a call yesterday that a hive had swarmed. Even though I had not been through the hives in this yard besides counting the dead, it seemed early. This yard is a truck farm that specializes in cantelopes and pumpkins. So it's always last on my to do list as the numbers do not need to be up till about mid-June.

Not being close and having a full day booked. The farmer told me no problem, "Me and the boys will take care of it".

This morning I went out early expecting the hive to be at the base of the tree. They were going to use the bucket on the skid-loader to get close to the swarm.

As I drove back the lane, there was the hive sitting next to the road. All close up, and ready to go. They had waited till after dark and moved it out of the feild.

Looks like I'll be bottling some honey tomorrow for him... :D
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