The Omaha Bee Club October 19th meeting

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    The weather on Sunday is expected to be pleasant, if not a bit cool and breezy.

    Please keep this in mind and dress accordingly.

    Also, we will be holding our activities primarily outdoors. Please bring a folding chair for yourselves and anything you might want to drink or otherwise need.

    The whole point of our October Pot Luck meeting is to have fun and celebrate being a beekeeper. It's about relaxing and having fun.

    We will have a honey judging contest, all in fun of course. We will have hot dogs and hamburgers available and hopefully, everyone will bring a dish (honey based?) to share with everyone else.

    The awards for Beekeeper of the Year, Most Improved, Presidents Award and our newly renamed "Marion Ellis Award" for the newbee of the year will be presented. Please plan to attend if you can, you might be receiving an award.

    We also plan to give a special thank you to the 35 or so volunteers that helped out so much at our Bee Fest event this past August. Well Done Everyone.

    Something new this year at the Honey Pot Luck meeting. Along with the awards we usually give to members, the members themselves will be able to give spontaneous awards to other members.

    The Omaha Bee Club Members Award

    All it takes is for one member to nominate another member for a suggested recognition, and can find three other members to support them, one of the Vice Presidents will sign that award and present it to the nominated member.

    Think someone is the "Best Dressed"? Or maybe someone has the nicest shoes? How about the member who is thought least likely to get stung?

    The award topics can range from the "should be a regular award" to something silly. Just find three other members and it's official.

    Keep in mind this is intended to be fun and in a positive community spirit.