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Jimbo wakes up makes his coffee,then goes out to the front porch like he does every morning to sit and enjoy his coffee.He sits down in his favorite chair on the porch,then looks up in the big oak tree in his front yard and can't believe his eyes.Up in the tree looking down at him is a 400 lb. silverback gorilla.
So Jimbo not knowing what to do,goes and calls the local police and tells the officer that answered"there's a 400 lb. silveback gorilla in my oak tree in my front yard" and to send an officer right away.The officer says we don't handle that kind of emergencies,you need to call animal control.
Jimbo now frustrated calls animal control and says the same thing"there's a 400 lb. silveback gorilla in my oak tree in my front yard" and to send someone to remove the gorilla right away.The animal control guy that answered tells him,Sorry animal control doesn't handle dangerous animals like that,but I do have a number for someone who may be able to help.
So Jimbo calls the number the animal control person gave him,and a guy answers"hello this is Joe Bob,how can I help you.So Jimbo tells him"there's a 400 lb. silveback gorilla in my oak tree in my front yard" can you come and remove him? Ol' Joe Bob says sure I can help you,just give me your address and I'll be right there.
So Jimbo anxiously waiting for about an hour,when up pulls Ol' Joe Bob in a beat up up old pickup truck.Joe Bob steps out of the trucks carrying a pair of handcuffs and a shotgun,along with a 130 lb old knarly dog named Lamar.
Job Bob tells Jimbo,I can get that gorilla out of your tree and haul him away,but I'm going to need your help.So he hands Jimbo the handcuffs and the shotgun,then tells Jimbo here's the plan.I'm going to climb up that tree and crawl out on the limb the gorilla is on and shake it making him fall out of the tree,when he hits the ground ol' Larmar will grab him right in his privates rendering him helpless,then you take those handcuffs and put them on him.Jimbo agrees and Joe Bob heads for the tree to climb up to shake the gorilla off the limb he's on,when Jimbo shouts out,hey Joe Bob what do I do with this shotgun?
Job Bob turns around and says to Jimbo,when I go up there to shake that gorilla out of the tree,but instead he knocks me out of the tree,before I hit the ground YOU SHOOT LAMAR!!!!!!!
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