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Thin honey?

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I pulled a few frames from a large hive this morning--2 from the supers and 2 from one of the brood box. It seems that the honey from the supers is a bit thinner than the other. It tastes and looks great BTW.
What might cause this? I am new, and very perplexed.
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Honey readily absorbs water and becomes thin. Check it with a refractormeter before storing it. It may ferment.
You know, I believe you have hit it there with idea about water absorbtion. I did only spray one end that they had congregated on, and tat was the area in question...Other than that, it cut out nicely into good firm cubes that have a terrific, stout taste.....What has shocked me completely is the sheer weight of such a small rectangle. I almost blew a gasket trying to lift that brood box. I ended up emptying half of it, and I still groaned.
I'm curious.
Was the honey capped in the cells?

You said you sprayed one end, sprayed with what and if not with smoke, why?
Hi, Rich.
Yes, the honey was capped...The reason for spraying with water was that it was an impromtu harvest...We have a 5 story hive on our carport. Everyone believes in the strength of milk crates, so I got it up off the ground with two crates. On that day, the crates gave way, and my wife came to tell me of it. Just like dominos, the supers were lined out with frames protruding everywhere.
There was not time to plan out a proper rebuilding, so I suited up, and proceeded to give myself an A+ hernia in trying to lift full supers. I took out 4 honey frames, set them aside, and completed rebuilding the hive...Without smoke or a brush, I did the only thing that came to mind, I hosed it...Was that bright?---No, but it's all I could think of, since I grabbed the old loose suit and hood, and had over 10 stings to enjoy. I was in a hurry, I admit.
Oh wow, glad your ok LtlWilli...
Thanks, Charles....They say that God protects the little children and the idiots.....BOY!! Am I glad to be so young. :roll:
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