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Hi All,

We are just starting to research beekeeping and plan on our first hive next spring (God willing). We currently raise an acre of naturally grown (organic...oops did I say that word) vegetables, are a member of Stewards of the Land, LLC, and supply a few upscale restaurants in Chicago as well as sell at Dwight farmer's market. We have alpacas, chickens, turkeys, and a goat. We have a small orchard of about 30 fruit trees, grapes, and blackberries. We have be toying with the idea of bees for a few years, but an article in Countryside got me going again; it was on the Warre' hive (see I also have a friend that is thinking about starting up his hives next year also. So here I am, learning what I can before I get started.

By the way, if anyone is interested or knows anyone intersted in an alpaca business, we have our herd and all equipment for sale in a package deal. I took a job off the farm and commute 180 miles round trip, this puts a huge burden on my wife as far as the alpaca care so we are trying to sell off that part of our business. The Package includes alpacas, trailer, fencing, gates, resources, scale, hay and much, much more.

Thanks in advance to all, I know that I will learn much from you.


Our websites are:
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