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"The first measure signed into law Friday extends the Right to Farm Act protections to commercial beekeepers who are producing honey or other agricultural or horticultural apiary-related products, or providing crop pollination services, worth $10,000 or more annually.
The Right to Farm Act, enacted in 1983, protects responsible commercial farmers from public and private nuisance actions and unduly restrictive municipal regulations.

The second law requires that regulation of beekeepers, and the breeding or keeping of honeybees and any related activities, be done exclusively at the state level by the Agriculture Department. Activities could include use of honeybees for pollination and reproduction, the sale of honey bees, or the production of honey and other apiary products from honeybees. Because honeybees have been plagued by a variety of introduced insect and bacterial parasites, they are rarely found in natural colonies, officials said. The law also allows the department to delegate to a municipality the responsibility for monitoring and enforcing the standards within the municipality's borders.

The third law provides a civil penalty of up to $500 for each offense when a person intentionally destroys a man-made native bee hive. A man-made native bee hive is defined as a tube or other apparatus in which native bees may nest, and which is installed to attract native bees."

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