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Thursday's Podcast

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For anybody that missed last nights beekeeping podcast at The Wildlife Pro Network, I've added a streaming version in this post. Just click the play button below to listen. Unfortunately I had to work and missed it but I heard it was really good, I'll be listening myself in the morning.


I fast connection to the internet is recommended...
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What a great show and lots of new listeners from the beekeeping community. Lot of great information in the first hour on handling bee swarms. The use of vacuum for swarms, how to get swarms out of reach and many other topics like how weather affects bees behavior and (Iddee) gave one tip to new beekeepers "If it is not a day you would want a roofer to open up your own roof don't open up a hive! "and more.

My thanks to my co-hosts Bob Evans and Rob Overton for setting up all the new callers form the other beekeeping forums.I can't wait for our next WpN Beekeeping Nite #2 on June 11, 2009.

To listen to the show click the link below:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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