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To use up tomatoes

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When my garden runneth over, this is an easy fallback salad:

Fresh tomatoes - chopped to bite size
Sweet onion - diced
Green Pepper - diced
Zesty Italian salad dressing

Mix all together. Tastes best if left to sit in the refrigerator over night
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I could eat a salad like that until I burst! Thanks for sharing.
This doesn't fit in any of the categories, but it is a really great recipe I found in the cookbook put out by the Christopher Columbus Ladies' Auxiliary of San Antonio, Tx. These ladies can cook!

Marinara Sauce
I make this in huge batches when tomatoes are rampant in the garden. I freeze ours, but if you want to can it, just cook it for about 10 minutes instead of 30, and process in a hot water bath for 20 minutes for pints. The following recipe makes about 2 cups, but the recipe can be increased as much as you like. I usually do no less than 10 lbs. of tomatoes, increasing everything else in proportion.

2 medium cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
1 lb. tomatoes, peeled and with seeds removed and crushed
2 heaping tbls. of tomato paste
1 small onion (between golf and tennis ball size) chopped fine
dash of salt and of pepper
1/2 tsp. dried oregano (or 1 tsp. if using fresh)
dash of red pepper flakes (can be omitted, but doesn't really add that much heat)

Brown the garlic quickly in a heavy, deep pan in olive oil. Gradually add the tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, and seasonings. Cook uncovered about 25-30 minutes, until sauce begins to thicken, stirring occasionally. At this point I add 1/4 c. good red wine, but it isn't necessary.
If you are making a big batch, let the sauce cool a bit, put in freezer containers, and freeze. If canning, cook only 10 minutes until sauce thickens a bit, omit wine, place in hot jars and adjust lids. Process for 20 minutes for pint jars and 25 for quarts.

I hope y'all like this recipe. My husband could eat this out of the jar he likes it so well. In addtion to being a great sauce for pasta, it makes a good pizza sauce, or bread stick dipping sauce. I suggest you make a small batch to see if you like it before committing a tomato harvest to it!
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