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Today's Cutout

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A couple of new beeks decided to do their first cutout Thurs. afternoon. They raised the tool box up and opened the doors. They weren't ready for what greeted them. The hive was 4 feet wide, 18 inches tall, and stocked with about 50,000 bees. A very large hive for this area. They decided it was too much for them, so went looking for help. I went over this morning and directed while they did the work. 4 hours later, the bees were orienting to their new home and the newbees had a nice two story hive. Nice young men eager to learn and ready to get into the middle of it. I've gotten one of them to sign up on the forum so far and the other will be along shortly.

They got their bees and I got 3 new beeks hooked on the hobby too far to turn back. :D

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glad to hear you got some new hands hooked in the bee bussiness. Looks like a fun cut out. What made them turn away from them the first time, just too over whelming? You are a good guy for helping them out. I bet they did not have a bee vac and were amazed at how that worked.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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