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Trap-out question

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Anyone ever use "honey robber" or "bee go" to drive the bees out of a large tree into a trap? Thanks, Paul
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And leave all the brood to die? Why would you want to do that?
All good things take time dont rush a trap out you may be trading 3 good hives for one quick one. I usually leave a trap out cone on for 30 to 60 days swapping out nucs as the become populated. So you best listen to iddee the pro on this one
The person with the tree plans on cutting it after the bees are removed. Then I will remove the brood and comb.
I am trying to save the bees instead of him spraying them to remove the tree. Time will be a factor on this one. He wants the bees gone. Thanks, Paul
Loan him a bee suit or cut it for him. Then split the log open and remove the bees.

Bee quick or bee-go won't run them off brood. Even in close contact like supers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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