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Trapouts help from Idaho

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Hi, Im Rich from idaho. I was hoping that iddee would give me some plans on trapout of my feral bees in a wall. Thanks, Rich
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Glad to see you got here, Rich. We can help with the trap or removal, whichever way you decide to go.
HI iddee. I think that i will wait a couple more weeks because the weather is changing for the worst. The temps are droping. Hopefully it will warm up in a couple. But I will decide by then and hope for your advice. Rich
Ok Iddee, If the trapout only yeilds the queen 10% of the time, then would I not be better off doing a cutout. That way I have a higher percentage of getting the queen and her genetics. Afterall, I would think that her genetics are probably pretty good considering her colony has survived. What do you think?
A cut out is always better when it can reasonably be done. Trap outs are used only when a cut out is totally not feasible. In your situation, a cut out would be much better.

I will be out of town Fri & Sat., so I won't be posting again before Sat. night.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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