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Trying to outsmart a swarm?

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I am new to this and hope I am doing this right - anyway - I have a huge hive that I split 2 weeks ago. Yesterday was the first day I was able to get back in there and do a thorough check and what I found were swarm cells. They were on the bottom of 3 frames of brood. SO I took those 3 frames and put them in a nuc box along with 2 frames of plain foundation. I want to avoid this hive from swarming because my queen will lay from one end of a frame to another solid and I would like to get a queen from her (this is her 2nd year). My question is HOW long do I wait before I peek under the cover of the nuc box to see what's going on? The swarm cells were capped. I know the first one out will kill the other queens in their cells and if there are 2 then they fight it out, then the queen goes on her mating flight, and then finally she comes back to lay? How much time should I allow to see what's going on? AND when should I put these frames into a regular hive body? I have never used a nuc box before and there sure doesn't seem like there is much room in there? One frame had honey sealed so I didn't put a feeder on it - we are in the middle of a honey flow here in Arkansas - the clover if blooming like crazy. Sorry this is so long.
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Hi arkiebee, glad you made it! Iddee knows of which he speaks...

Welcome to the forum!
congrats on the catch arkiebee! Sounds like you may have gotten that queen you liked so much and a sister to boot ;) Keep us updated
Thanks for the referral! Check the spacing like Iddee had mentioned, if the gap is too big they'll build burr comb in to make it easier for them to move around.
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