Unplanned extraction

Discussion in 'Products of the Hive' started by Bens-Bees, May 31, 2011.

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    I wasn't planning to extract today, but when a frame of honey came apart on me, I was sure glad I had a couple of new buckets with me to put it in. Then I opened up a swarm hive that I hadn't checked on since hiving them and found that the frames had shiften so they had made a lot of burr comb but it was all filled with capped honey, so in the bucket it went.

    Then I opened up a trapout hive, wierd situation there, they've got a capped queen cell, but it's clearly a laying worker hive. I dunno where they got the egg from for the queen cell but I'm going to let it sit and see what comes from it. Anyway, they also had lots of burr comb filled with honey from the frames not being stright when I put it in. After straining and bottling I ended up with 8 1lb jars and one half of one 12 oz, jar that my wife can use.

    Not bad for an unplanned extraction from hives that I wasn't planning to extract anything from this year. :thumbsup: