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I almost skipped right over this story but the quote at the end was really quite good :)

Here's the quote:
As Burnham gushed about her bees, she shared the profound effect keeping them has had on her.

"I walk down the street, I smell more things, I see more things. I watch out for my girls - I see more critters out in everyday life," Burnham said. "It's completely changed the place where I live. Beware of beekeeping, it does that kind of thing to you."
Here's the story:
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I absolutely aggree, I have always had a appreciation for nature, and bees were a strong aspect of that, they are totally facinating to obseve, to smell the aroma of whatever nectar source they are working at that time as they condence it down to honey. To see the craftmanship they employ to construct thier home. I have even had a colony og Bald-Faced hornets I had captured in a gallon Jug, and allowed them to attach it to side of glass in a matter of hours had attached thier home to jug near top where I had used fishing strnig to raise it to that location. They even built paper "sidewalks " to the mouth of the jug so they could more easily find thier way in and out, eventually removing the paper between the interior of the nesting cavity and the glass wall. Could observe the queen laying eggs, workers building cells and the paper envelope, feeding the larvae and even hatching workers, I was 14 at the time and my grandmother was alot less appreciative of nature at that time as I was using her front porch to conduct my experiment. They never stung me, ( Not through lack of effort, but I had better reflexes then ). Observed many things only read about, one thing to read much more powerful to see it first hand you record a better memory. Well enough down memory lane.

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