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Unless you want to label your pure honey as "pure honey with added sugars".

read this, share this take action: Now. The deadline is monday.
Liz Walshto Texas Master Beekeepers AssociationYesterday at 10:06am
Hi, the last time the government had a commentary period that affected our industry at this level (in my memory) was a proposal from the EPA about neonicotinoids. There was one comment from the Pollinator Stewardship Council about how it would affect our community, our industry, and our bees. However, there was a lot of upset afterwords in our community when the EPA let lots of people use neonics; they only did that because we didn't comment to say we didn't support neonic use.
If you don't comment officially by March 6th, then please do not comment or complain afterword if the result is not to your liking. Regardless of how you feel, please consider commenting to the FDA!
"A message from the American Beekeeping Federation:
Call to Action: FDA is requiring honey labels to list "added sugars." Speak OUT!
This message is a reminder that on March 6 at 11:59 PM Eastern time the comment period to let the FDA know your opinion about their rule requiring honey labels to list “added sugars.†will be closed. Whether you are a large or small beekeeper or honey packer, you are urged to submit comments to the docket TODAY or certainly prior to March 6.
As ABF Vice-President Tim May and I have written in previous articles, this FDA rule will lead consumers to believe that honey is adulterated when in fact pure, natural honey contains no added sugars whatsoever. Consumer surveys, conducted by the National Honey Board, confirm that consumers will indeed be confused by this proposed label language.
We in the honey industry view honey adulteration as a serious issue. The implication that honey may be adulterated (as clearly suggested by this proposed labeling which states honey contains “added sugarsâ€) is of great concern as it will likely create an unnecessary negative perception of our product.
While it is recognized that honey may be a source of sugar added to foods, there is nothing added to pure honey that is packaged as such.
It would be much more logical and prudent if the FDA would consider listing the naturally occurring sugar content of 100% pure honey as “Total Sugars†and not “Added Sugars.â€
You are urged to let FDA know your opinion by submitting comments to the following Docket: Click and COMMENT NOW: Draft Guidance For Industry- Questions and Answers on the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels Related to the Compliance Date…
Gene Brandi
ABF President

Thank you for your continued support of the American Beekeeping Federation!
American Beekeeping Federation
3525 Piedmont Road NE
Building Five, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: 404-760-2875"
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