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Very low humidity worry

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Hello everyone just Jules here
We have 6 hives and this was our first year as beekeepers, all 6 have so far got through the winter here in the north east England.
We have gadgets that tell us what the temperature and humidity are which is great. But my favourite hive has been showing a sudden very low humidity. 30%. Previously she was always around 80%.
We changed the thermostats and got the same reading.
What is causing this how worried should I be and how can I help them.
Compared to the other 5 hives, she was the last th appear out of the hive, but when she did plenty of fat looking bees came out.
Can’t find anything online about very low humidity apart from it prevents brooding. Which I don’t suppose is a problem right now?
Please can anyone help?
Kindest regards
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Welcome Jules,
This is only my second year at beekeeping so afraid I can't help much. I would think that the bees, themselves, control the humidity in the hive at the level they desire. There is a reason they do things their way. Maybe consider creating an environment for them that cause a little condensation inside the hive such as less insulation on top so that the cold air from the outside hits the warm air inside, leaning the hive so that the condensation runs to the front wall instead of dripping down over the bees.
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