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Want to teach children about bees

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Riverrat's post "neat happening with a bee" got me to thinking. I work with children and had been planning to do some bee education this summer. I would like to solicit this forum's input on interesting things I should tell the kid's. My first "fact" is going to be the European origins of the honey bee and how it got to this country. If you have any ideas about interesting trivia, facts or old wive's tales I should pass on I would appreciate hearing from you.
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If you was entertaining me bring your steve Ray vaughn CD's. I would be kept entertained for hours. But if your talking to kids about bees keep it simple and interesting and hands on. Kids tend to have a very short attention span........... "ITS RAININ DOWN IN TEXAS ALL THE TELEPHONE LINES ARE DOWN.".......... Observation hives are good and interesting but make sure they are bullet proof and escape proof if a kid was to get stun even if it isnt one of your bees could open the door to trouble............" IF THIS HOUSE IS A ROCKIN DONT BOTHER KNOCKIN JUST COME ON IN".............. Kids I have found enjoy looking at the inner parts of bee hives frames wax foundation, drawn comb, etc,............ "HEY HEY HEY MAMA LOOK AT LITTLE SIS OUT IN THE BACKYARD"........ Dont forget the honey sticks. reading the post I guess I have A.D. D. and a short attention span myself. SRV its your user name I tell ya. :D :D "SHE'S MY SWEET LITTLE BABY MY PRIDE AND JOY........" I got to go :D
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