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So yesterday walking past the hives to my Barn, I see a Yellow Jacket take a walk into the one hive that has been a bit light when last I checked.

I panic .... lift the lid (temps only 49 deg but no wind) , see no bees in the top super - this hive was fine last week. So I pull the whole top box and find a nice cluster below across about 4 frames--- phew relief !!!! , of course the girls aren't happy with me and I get a reminder .... plus a few chase me for about 20 ft.

But in lifting the Top Super I know why my hive is light, they have completely eaten at least 5 frames ....I cover the hive and I head to my stores and pull 3 frames of capped honey from the freezer and added them back into the super, getting another tag at same time.... but I felt it was worth it, knowing they are fine for now.

Never did see the Yellow jacket , but will be watching for the little bugger.
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