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wax moths

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i have lost 2 hives this week due to moths,the same thing happened last year,i still have one left,just like last year,in 5 days these devils almost cleaned me out

this a problem i need to whip if im going to continue keeping bees,when this happened last year, i moved my hives to a full sun location hoping to avoid this problem,but now its worse,i dont like using poison but it may be the only way,the cost of replacing bees and hives is beginning to discourage me,disenchanted may be a better word,to pile on the expense of poison and treatments makes me shudder,please advise...j.d. :cry:
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Reduce your hives down to how ever many frames the bees can cover. The moths are only attacking the frames that aren't covered with bees. Get some BT and spray all frames. If you can't find it there, I have some. Come get it.
>>>>in 5 days both hives were dead,due to wax moths.<<<<

No, in 5 days both were dead and the wax moths were cleaning the remains.
It sounds like the BT didn't dry properly and rotted.
If it doesn't dry within 2 or 3 days of mixing, it will rot and is stinky and useless.
That's like a man shot in the head. He didn't die from the bullet, he died from heart stoppage. The wax moths can only destroy a dieing hive. There has to be another problem first.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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