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With three helpers, two of whom are nice big, strapping men who lifted honey boxes (this old lady is really appreciative of that!). Although the honey supers are full up, they're not capped, so I'll have to go back in a couple of weeks. This'll be my third harvest this year so I'm not complaining. I've harvested about 180 lbs so far off my six hives (actually five hives--one is a very small swarm that I'm nurturing so they'll overwinter).

Of course, my strongest hives are on either end. One--the one that was bearding so fiercely there for a while--has stopped bearding but is plenty strong. The other has gotten really strong and when we went in, I think we found out why: There was brood in the honey boxes! I thought, Oh my gosh, the queen must've been up above when I put in the QE (I put the supers on about a month before the QE). I figured the honey would be in the bottom, but much to my surprise, the bottom boxes were also full of brood! I'm now thinking that the bees may have built a supercedure cell above, and she hatched, so now I have a mother and daughter situation.

Knowing that mother/daughter won't fight, and just to play it safe, I removed the QE and let them have the whole box to do what they will. If in September I go in and there are still two queens, I'll split.

Any comments?
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