What is blooming where you are?

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Gypsi, Jun 13, 2017.

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    I am in North Texas. Our April rains did not come until late May really, so I have roses that normally bloom in April blooming now, and the crimson clover I planted. The wildflower seeds I watered came up, the ones I didn't, well they haven't yet or likely won't live to bloom as we are headed for 100 degrees.

    But I went through my hives yesterday and my big hives are packed with brood while my 5 frame nuc (well 10 frame, deep below, medium above) has just about filled that medium with honey.

    Except for a few wildflowers, and Texas sage, I am not sure what is blooming but none of the hives touched their syrup in the last 24 hours. Hoping for Mesquite honey.

    What is blooming where you are? Please give your location too.
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    im on long island..it was 90+ degrees yesterday..seems everything is blooming..lots of clover and dandelions along with lots of flowers and trees with pollen...but the weather patterns are all wacky, I dont know how that is effecting the rest of the season..Im waiting for some bee feeders coming today and im going to feed my hives since I just split and want them to keep going full speed ahead with making brood..there are plenty of capped stores in the frames, so im not worried about them having enough for the winter..look at that we are talking winter at the beginning of summer..lol..Im just a happy camper they made it through the last winter and the mites werent an issue..