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What to do with drone frame

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Finally got to peek in the hive this afternoon. Couldnt find the queen but thats prolly just my old eyes.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago i added a deep frame with a wooden starter strip. Today that frame is 100% drawn and nearly 100% Drones.......... I had no idea they would build drone "frames".

Is this a frame i should remove and freeze to kill off varoa, or should i leave it be.

NOTE: All of the other frames (2 deeps) were drawn nicely, lots of brood with honey and pollen around the edges. Some had a few drone cells here and there, but not entire frames like the one mentioned above. Just curious.
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I've had much better luck getting worker comb when I put my empty frames in teh middle of the brood nest. As they build more, I replace and work them toward the outside. As for the drone frame, I'd keep it. In many cases, the more you remove the more they'll build. Move it out to the outside edge of the broodnest.
That's ok, you'll get some drone, but when they feel they have enough they should build worker comb.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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