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What to do with drone frame

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Finally got to peek in the hive this afternoon. Couldnt find the queen but thats prolly just my old eyes.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago i added a deep frame with a wooden starter strip. Today that frame is 100% drawn and nearly 100% Drones.......... I had no idea they would build drone "frames".

Is this a frame i should remove and freeze to kill off varoa, or should i leave it be.

NOTE: All of the other frames (2 deeps) were drawn nicely, lots of brood with honey and pollen around the edges. Some had a few drone cells here and there, but not entire frames like the one mentioned above. Just curious.
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Is it true Japanese Restraunts are looking for fresh drone larva as a asphrilic
[ can't spell it or do it any more, maybe I need some ]

Help,were is spell check & the blue pills ?

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