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What's in your swarm kit?

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What do you folks carry to a swarm retrieval?

I'm thinking: Protective clothing of choice, hive body with drawn comb, an old sheet (to place under the box when shaking the bees), hardware cloth and stapler (to close up), and hand saw.

I am on a call list, but spend much of my time away from the house. I wanted to set up the car with everything I needed in case of a call. The only thing I am hesitating about is drawn comb in a box. I suspect a day in a hot car would not have good results. May just have to have the kit ready to go here at home.
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Protective clothing of choice, hive body with drawn comb, Nuc with drawn comb, Pickup truck, normal bee tools in tool box on truck, Ladder if the caller deems it will be needed. Never had drawn comb to melt in the hive on the truck. I keep a 10 frame hive and a 5 frame nuc, both with drawn comb, on the truck during all of swarm season.
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