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Whats my chances?

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Ok in at the deep end I go... SPlasssshhh....Newbie and a country boy so know what a bee looks like but never had a hive but always wanted one.I live in the UK (born unlucky!) and have been given an empty hive.Have cleaned it all up and repaced all the brood frames and have one super on top as well with all new foundation.Its a national hive. I,ve sited it in a nice field south facing and about 1foot off the ground.I have bees on order from an apiary in June and my name down on the local list to catch a swarm if one causes a problem....Ok so now i,ve ordered some swarm lures from Bjorn Apiaries in the USA and Wow!!! They arrived quicker than the domestic post in the UK! My question is this...Can I use the lures to tempt a passing swarm into my new hive?If so how and what are the chances? If not what do I need to do to save myself a few £$ in swarm purchase?
Thank you kindly in advance for any advice.
:) pritt
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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Yes, place one of the lures in the hive. The scout bees from a local hive will check it out and hopefully think it is the place to take the swarm to for their next home.
Welcome, we all started new at one time or the other. You will learn as time goes by.

Also, the exterminator companies here are great for calling beekeepers when they are called for honeybee swarms. You might want to leave your name and phone number with a few of them.

PS, be ready for a few calls if you do. You will need to always have an empty hive at the ready.
Thanks Iddee, so we dont need a trap to cach our first swarm? We were unsure wether they would "move straight in"!
Thanks again
pritt :)
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