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When do you put on a 2nd super?

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This newcomer has another question. I put my queen excluder and first super on 6/22. I checked on their progress today and the little stinkers had made the most beautiful comb on 8 1/2 of the frames. They were starting to fill the comb with nectar as well. I would like to know when do you add another super? Do I do it now, because they have the super 80% full of comb or do I wait for them to fill the comb 80% with nectar? I hope my question makes sense.

The Golden Rain Trees are in bloom here and the bees have been taking advantage of the number of Golden Rain Trees we have in this neighborhood.

Thank you all for reading my post. I look forward to your answers.
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80% drawn, 80% filled, OR...80% COVERED IN BEES?

Are there enough bees to cover it? When you open the hive, are there bees on all frames, or just 6 or 8? I would add the next super when they are covering 9 or more frames.
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