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*** WHERE can I get 2 Carniolan nuc's for Spring 2009? ***

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I'm in Central North Carolina - Randolph County. I've called places that will have them but you must go pick them up. I'm new to the Bee World and these will be my first hives. From what I've read it is the Carniolan that I want to start off with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Very soon the bee mags will be just loaded with ads for Spring---it'll blow your mind with all the choices. I would suggest buying from someone as close to you as possible. They will be more acclimatised to your area....Oh yes, the Carniolans are very , very good choices. If you find yourself in the mood for variety, you might consider the Russians. I have two hives so far, but they will swarm in the Spring. The nucs grew like wild this first season.
Oh, and WELCOME to the site! We're as laid back as you can be and still have a heartbeat.... :mrgreen:
Thanks for the 'Welcome'. I've never worked with bees so this coming spring will be my first attempt. From what I read it seemed the Carniolan would be best suited for me but my life time memory of a honey bee is the yellow. (Italian) The Russian didn't impress me at all. What do you like about them?

I'm in Central North Carolina and I've never gotten any bee magazines and only know what I've read on line. I figured bee keepers would be the ones who would know. The companies I checked with won't ship here.
The links at the top of the pages here may help, or the site has a page of links. I am sure there will be plenty enough to go around.
I liked the Russians for their productivity after letting their populations drop so drastically for winter, thus, consuming less. Their hardiness is another good point, as well as their mellow attitude.
I hope this helps some.
Check out Cold Mtn. Queens. They're based out of Canton,N.C. He mailed me some queens to Kannapolis last year. [email protected] Guy's name is Mike Singleton.
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