White House Honey Ale

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    I periodically check in on info about the beehive at the White House. I believe it's a fantastic public endorsement for backyard beekeeping in the States, regardless of politics.

    With the first honey harvest came a brewing of a honey ale, and apparently homebrewers across the states have been clamoring to get the recipe. A group got together and filed an online petition, but did not get enough signatures. So then, I think in kind of a tongue-in-cheek move, a group filed an official Freedom of Information Act request for the recipe. Heh!

    At any rate, the recipe has been released publicly. Here's a link. Note: The link is a .pdf file that just contains the recipes for the Honey Ale and Honey Porter.

    My husband and I are going to be doing our first brewing this winter and I love light ales...and so I think we may give this a try in addition to a batch of mead.