Why do a trapout.

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    If you are looking for the genetics of the colony, a trap out will not work.
    There are two reasons for doing a trap out.

    If you have a hive you like the genetics of, but don't want to make a split from your hive, a trap out will give you the workers to raise a queen, or a few queens, from that hive.

    Of course, the other reason is to remove the bees from an unwanted area.

    Doing a removal is much quicker, more complete, as it also removes the comb, and saves a lot of travel. There are times, however, that a removal is not practical. It is those times you use a trap out to obtain more bees, and of the genetics you want, rather than the unknown. I have never worked with AFB, but think trapping may be the answer to removing them. Consider a colony established in an apartment complex, or business complex, where there are people coming and going constantly. a removal may endanger any number of people. During a trap out, the first couple of hours may see a large number of bees in the air, but they are confused, not angry, and are only looking for their home. I have never received a sting during this time.

    Then there is the construction aspect. When they are in masonry, or historic woodwork, or other hard to replace material, a trap out is the way to go.

    Next post will be materials needed, after answering any questions coming from this post.