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Winter Inspection versus Spring & Easy Feeding Method for SP

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I cracked my Langstroth Hive open on a warm day in Winter to fill the feeder and the bees were really MAD! Even the smoke didn't seem to slow them down. But, I also do NOT open the hive often. They're on their own other than feeding in late Fall and some Winter if I think they need it. I usually leave one full medium of honey for overwintering on top of the two deeps! I do NOT medicate my bees to death either. As I say they are on their own and seem to be doing very well.

I belong to a Beekeeping group and at the first Spring meet another member mentioned how he open fed his bees. I tried it and it works well so both my hives are accessing it. It is just an anchored 5 gal bucket tilted at a 45 angle with a handfull of long straw inserted and then a batch of 50/50 sugar water poured in. I did put a few drops of lemon oil in the mix originally to attract the bees and this evening I refreshed the sugar water around 7:45 and bees were still in there.

Try it! You might like it! No opening of the hive. And, lots of happy bees!
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JayGee, I'm a bit late replying, but open feeding in areas with drought or dearth (and North Texas has both fairly often) can cause more bee deaths than starvation, as wandering foragers will come back with an army to rob a hive. All of my feed jars are on top of #8 screening on top of a migratory cover, with another box and a telescoping cover on top. Food isn't out where wanderers and lots of ants find it easily, and the bees don't starve. I do watch temperature to be sure it's over 55 degrees out when I leave the feed jar on overnight
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