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I have started this year with 1 packaged of boxed bees, bought 2 hives that a local BK installed in my hives, and did 1 trap out of a tree. To date the packaged bees put me through the ringer as they swarmed from the hive every other day for the 1st week. I installed an entrance reducer based off of a queen excluder dia and left them alone for 14 days. The local BK hives have both now gone queenless. I blended the tree bees with one hive and need to get a queen for the 2nd. I did re-queen the tree bees with an Italian and she has made them so easy to work. I can work them without gear which is nice in 102 degrees. I will not get honey from them and will have to feed most if not all of the winter. The packaged bees have exploded and are easily at 30,000 plus. In the last 2 weeks they have drawn comb for brood on 4 bars and drawn comb with honey on 2 bars and started and 1 more. Today was the first day that they did not head butt me while I was checking them out. I friend took some pictures while I held the bars. Getting back to working the hive I have found that I spend 15-30 mins on each hive every 2 weeks. The larger hive takes more time. I have noticed that once they have comb fully drawn on the bars there is very little to do outside of polloius collection and trying to find the queen; but as they are building up their brood comb it has been frustrating having to trim and manipulate the bars. In the end they have done most if not all the work and built some nice bars. Enjoy the pictures I do.


At the end of the day I have learned a lot more then I would have in a classroom, and I sure I have made a ton of mistakes. I have gained a lot of insight from this forum and look forward to learning even more.


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