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Got a call from a lady about honey bees in the side of a wall in a office building. Wood siding, down low where the air conditioning line wint inside. Only about 10 miles or so up the road. Have been getting several referals from a small local pest control company and that is who she said refered me. Then she said got my name off of the net.

Anyway, me and the wife jump in the truck to go look, find the building, talk to the lady, look at the hole in the wall and no bees. I ask where are the bees at? She says just wait a minute, and then in flies a yellow jacket.

I tell her not honey bees here but yellow jackets, just hot shot and foam the hole up.

She says well we had an exterminator come out and tell us it was honey bees, and a national chain at that.

That was three different places that she got my name from, think she may have fibbed a little on somebody.

Seems to me an extermination company can tell the difference between a yeller jacket and honey bee.

Oh well there are more out there.


Iddee said:
I've had more than one call where the exterminator had identified YJ's as honeybees.
Here they hire anyone and with a week's training in the classroom, put them out in a truck on their own.
Wow a weeks training there! I think the kids exterminating around here get an hours worth of "kill it if it moves" and "spray around the seams"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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