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January's Wildlife Pro Network Beekeeping podcast will be a discussion on Sustainable Beekeeping, Queen Rearing & Overwintering with our special guests David & Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms.

David and Sheri began keeping bees in 1994 in Ohio and the hobby went wild in 2004, 10 years later. For the last 5 years, they have ventured into every aspect of beekeeping. First, it was honey, then beekeeping equipment, then packages and queens, then classes and the list keeps growing. They have 6 children and 4 are involved in their bee business.

They maintain around 100 colonies a year and produce and sell hundreds of queens each year. They also sell 500 packages a year along with nucs. David is currently serving as president of our 70 member bee club, Central Eastern Illinois Beekeepers Assoc., and Central Director of the Illinois State Beekeeper's Assoc. Presently they are the only large scale queen producer in Illinois. David is also serving as a lead member in the Illinois Queen Initiative, an effort underwritten by a SARE grant to produce a better queen for beekeepers.

So mark your calendar (or sign up for the reminder at the link below) and plan on joining us for the conversation and share your experiences and/or ask your questions. Hope to see you.

What: WpN Beekeeping Podcast - Sustainable Beekeeping, Queen Rearing & Overwintering - David & Sheri Burns
When: Thursday, January 14, 8PM EST

The schedule of future podcasts and recordings of previous podcasts can be found here. You can also sign up to get an email reminder the day of the podcast.

Directions on joining and participating in the podcast can be found here.
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