You know your a Beekeeper when....

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    Plain ole American english ain't so plain.
    Have you ever said something to or overheard by a non keeper that you had to explain?

    I stopped at a wood stove /pellet stove dealer last fall and asked if they had any cull/damaged bags of pellets for sale? Sure he said we got some torn bags that might be alittle under 40 lbs but we can tape up the holes for you, we get $2. a bag. I said thats fine I'm just gonna use em for smoker fuel. Oh you don't wana use these in your smoker we got good some real good smoker pellets that add a good flavor. So right then I explained that my smoker was used on bees and he said it didn't matter if it was beef or pork. So I took a deep breath and started over and finaly got it across what I was talking about. We both had a good laugh about it.
    So anyone else got a story? Jim
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    I remember calling a real estate agent a year or so ago. I was searching for some rural property and ran across an advertisment for what seemed like the ideal place.
    Almost 260 acres, old farmhouse that looked to be in OK shape, a nice big barn, a few outbuildings, field of bluberries and plenty of pictures of fantastic looking land. Best of all, it was advertised as a bee farm. I thought WOW, it's got everything I'm looking for, a bit overpriced but maybe they could move on the price and although it is quite a ways out there, for sure I gotta call.
    I phoned the realtor and said "can you give me all the information you have on the bee farm"
    She sounded confused and asked me for the listing number. I gave her the number and then very dryly she said "Oh, clearly they forgot the f, it's supposed to say beef farm!" :roll:
    Somehow the magic was lost and I didn't bother pursuing it after that.